The Vu Bathgate a wedding day

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I had the absolute pleasure to be Lynsey & Williams wedding photographer in February at The Vu in Bathgate.  Photographing a wedding in February is always a little touch and go with the weather, and at the Vu (which is a beautiful venue) also comes the possible high winds at that time of year with that fantastic scenery.

But our day was very kind to us and we had a short window after the ceremony to get outside for some shots before the distant clouds made there way over to us.

Lynsey & William what a gorgeous couple, full of fun, very relaxed and so focused on each other……..I was lucky to meet Lynsey’s sister before the wedding who came to our studio in Blantrye for a makeover experience at she had such a fantastic time that she recommended Lynsey and William come and have a chat about possibly photographing their wedding day.  Fortunately they did and chose me to document their amazing day.

Here is a little snippet of that beautiful day, and Lynsey & William thank you again for asking me to be a part of it …..xx

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